The Rich Heritage and Combat Prowess of Roundhead Gamefowls

Roundhead Gamefowls

Roundhead gamefowls, renowned for their deep history and exceptional fighting abilities, are among the most cherished lineages in modern cockfighting. These birds combine agility, strength, and a strategic fighting approach, making them formidable opponents in the cockpit.

Origins and Evolution of Roundhead Gamefowls

Origins and Evolution of Roundhead Gamefowls

The Roundhead gamefowl, noted for its red feathers and exceptional game nature, originated from various breeds and crosses, with each lineage bringing unique traits to the forefront. This breed has historically been crossed with other powerful bloodlines like Clarets and Kelsos to enhance its combat abilities. The introduction of these crosses has led to the development of the Roundhead gamefowls known today for their cunning and cutting abilities, contributing significantly to their reputation as natural-born killers when matched with the right power.

Historical Background of Roundhead Gamefowls

The journey of the Roundhead gamefowls began with pioneers like John O. Fowler and Harold Brown of Red Fox Farm, who were instrumental in establishing the initial pure regular grey, a precursor to the Roundhead strains. Harold Brown’s exceptional breeding skills led him to create a superior line of gamefowl by integrating various breeds, which enhanced the fighting prowess of the Roundheads.

Fowler and Brown’s dedication to refining the breed involved meticulous selection and crossbreeding to ensure that only the best traits were passed on. They focused on creating gamefowls that were not only powerful and resilient but also intelligent and strategic in combat. The result was a line of Roundheads that quickly gained a reputation for their exceptional fighting abilities and competitive edge.

Distinct Characteristics of Roundhead Gamefowls

Distinct Characteristics of Roundhead Gamefowls

Roundhead gamefowls are typically characterized by their:

  • Red or ginger feathers which cover a robust body built for combat.
  • Pea comb, which has become a hallmark of the breed due to selective breeding practices.
  • Exceptional agility and intelligence, allowing them to maneuver swiftly and strike with precision in the cockpit.

Combat Style of Roundhead Gamefowls

Combat Style of Roundhead Gamefowls

In the arena, Roundhead gamefowls are known for their:

  • Quick footwork that allows them to dodge attacks and deliver counter-strikes efficiently.
  • High endurance which enables them to sustain in prolonged fights.
  • Ability to target vulnerable areas of their opponents with sharp, precise blows using their beaks and spurs.
  • Tactical intelligence, making them capable of anticipating and countering opponents’ moves effectively.

Prominent Roundhead Gamefowl Varieties

Prominent Roundhead Gamefowl Varieties

Roundhead gamefowls come in several notable varieties, each renowned for specific traits:

  • Bruner Roundheads: Known for their fierce temperament and endurance in the cockpit.
  • Hulsey Roundheads: Distinguished by their unique head shape and assertive fighting style.
  • Cowan Roundheads: Appreciated for their elegant feathers and regal appearance.
  • Winning Edge Roundheads: Carry a legacy of success, highly sought after for their championship qualities.
  • Allen Roundheads: Traced back to Walter Kelso, valued for their historical significance and classic features.

Strategic Crossbreeding of Roundhead Gamefowls

Crossbreeding has played a crucial role in enhancing the traits of Roundhead gamefowls:

  • Hatch-Boston Roundhead Cross: Known for producing quick, aggressive birds with excellent cutting abilities.
  • Kelso-Boston Roundhead Cross: Yields birds with strong legs and notable speed, making them highly competitive.
  • Sweater-Boston Roundhead Cross: Results in birds that are relentless in their attacks, favored for their aggressive nature.
  • Butcher-Boston Roundhead Cross: Creates a balanced profile of power and agility, ideal for varied combat scenarios.


The Roundhead gamefowl remains a beloved choice among cockfighting enthusiasts due to its diverse bloodlines and robust fighting characteristics. Each variety and cross brings something unique to the arena, making Roundhead gamefowls a continuous favorite. Whether you are a breeder looking to enhance your flock or an enthusiast eager to engage in the thrill of cockfighting, PH Sabong offers a premier platform to experience the prowess of Roundhead gamefowls. Join us at PH Sabong and place your bets on these exceptional fighters, immersing yourself in the rich tradition and dynamic action of cockfighting.

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