The Resilient Hatch Gamefowls: Masters of the Cockfight

The Hatch breed is a storied gamefowl that dates back to the late 1800s. It is gaining recognition as a robust line of American fighting roosters. Known for their remarkable strength, stamina, and swift combat moves, Hatches have evolved to become even more agile and capable in modern cockfighting arenas.

Hatch Gamefowls

Their historical significance and proven track record have made them a cornerstone in the world of gamefowl breeding. Over the years, selective breeding has refined their physical and tactical attributes, ensuring that Hatches remain competitive against contemporary gamefowl breeds. The enduring legacy of the Hatch breed is a testament to their adaptability and resilience, as they continue to be a preferred choice for breeders and fighters seeking superior performance in the cockpit.

Origin and Evolution of Hatch Gamefowls

Origin and Evolution of Hatch Gamefowls

Originated by Stanford “Sandy” Hatch in the early 20th century, the Hatch breed was developed using a mix of Kerni, Brown Red, and Thompson Whitehackles. Despite Sandy’s inconsistent winnings, this breed has flourished globally, admired for its fighting prowess and physical attributes.

Distinct Characteristics of Hatch Roosters:

  • Medium size with a narrow chest and curved back
  • Small head with a strong, curved beak
  • Glossy and dense plumage in varied colors such as green, blue, brown, and black
  • Notably yellow legs

Combat Style of Hatch Gamefowls

Hatches are known for their aggressive and fast-paced fighting style, excelling in stamina-intensive ground combat. Their formidable nature in the cockpit comes from a blend of raw power and improved tactical abilities over generations. Bred to be relentless and tenacious, Hatches possess a unique combination of speed, strength, and endurance, making them highly effective in prolonged battles. Their agility allows them to launch rapid and powerful attacks, keeping their opponents off balance.

Combat Style of Hatch Gamefowls

Moreover, their strategic prowess, honed through careful breeding and selection, ensures that they can adapt to various combat scenarios, making them versatile and unpredictable fighters. This relentless spirit and adaptability have cemented the Hatch gamefowl’s reputation as one of the most formidable breeds in the arena.

Hatch Gamefowls in the Philippines

Hatch Gamefowls in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Hatch gamefowls are highly favored among breeders who use them as a foundational breed to enhance local bloodlines. Particularly popular are the Yellow Legged Hatches, which originated from a crossbreed involving Blueface Hatches with Whitehackles and Boston Roundheads. Known for their deadly cutting ability and defensive sidestepping, these Hatches are a top choice for Filipino cockfighters.

Prominent Hatch Bloodlines

Prominent Hatch Bloodlines

The Hatch breed encompasses several distinct bloodlines, each with unique traits and fighting capabilities:

McLean Hatch

Developed by Ted McLean from the original Sandy Hatch stock, the McLean Hatches were initially slow to start in a fight but are now recognized for their high-flying, swift-moving capabilities. These birds serve as excellent breeding stock, contributing to the development of formidable war cocks like the Blueface Hatch.

Blueface Hatch

The Blueface Hatch originated from an unlikely pairing of a discarded Hatch cockerel with an old hen, resulting in a powerful fighter with a characteristic dark face—a trait derived from Brown Reds and Black Sid Taylors. This bloodline, enhanced through crossings with Karl Bashara’s Shufflers and other stocks from Sweater McGinnis, is known for its aggressive and precise fighting style.

Leiper Hatch

Bred by Judge Leiper from Sandy’s original Hatches, Leiper Hatches are distinguished by their brownish feathers and spiky green legs. Today, they are among the most potent Hatch bloodlines and are crucial in the development of high-quality hybrid gamefowls.


Hatch gamefowls are celebrated for their exceptional combat skills and versatility in cockfighting circuits. Breeders value these birds for their potential to produce new, robust breeds, particularly the McLean and Leiper varieties.

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